BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 phone is the latest generation of BlackBerry Bold 3 smartphones developed by Research In Motion and it provides an interesting balance between novelty and previous handsets.
Indeed, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 does not depart from the previous models in design and structure, but really builds on the best of the previous generation while incorporating the brand new BlackBerry 6 operating system – allowing for an increased and more powerful performance.
The camera has also increased from 3.2 to 5 megapixels compared to the previous BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phone, and the RAM is twice what it was, now being 512 MB instead of the previous generation’s 256 MB. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone also provides Universal Search, a tool placed on the home screen that gives users access to virtually all of the phone’s functions. For those who enjoy staying connected to others, the enhanced social networking features will conveniently help meet that end, along with the Social Feeds view, a tool which congregates notifications form various social media platforms as well as RSS feeds, although a slightly larger keyboard could have made this experience a little more pleasant for hands that find the keys too small.  
Besides the same full QWERTY keyboard, what has also remained the same are the 3G feature, the Wi-Fi-connectivity and a range of built-in apps such as the BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry App World. The screen has the same size of 2.44 inches, and the same resolution of 480x360 pixels supportive of 65,000 colours. Fans of BlackBerry phones know that the screen never fails to maintain vivacity in colours and somewhat luminous effects, making the smartphone easy to use in the dark, and this new model does not fail to achieve the same results. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 also provides excellent email capabilities just like its predecessors, ideal for those who need to manage several email accounts or useful for business purposes—an aspect which remains a very strong asset in BlackBerry handsets.
The design of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 phone is similar to previous models because the same materials have been used: plastic, metallic bezel and faux leather, conserving the catchy and signature look of the iconic BlackBerry model. The optical track pad and physical buttons on both its sides are also identical to the previous generation, thus readjustment for quick navigation will not be necessary. However, the chrome material around the phone has been removed and the phone is available in black or white.
Thus the BlackBerry Bold 9780 really comes out as the pinnacle of the BlackBerry Bold line of handsets by combining all of the essential characteristics with a new operating system and enhanced features, while still observing the same elegant form and design. In terms of pricing, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 price tag does not differ dramatically from other BlackBerry price tags. It boasts a modest BlackBerry price that gadget aficionados can appreciate.

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