Cox connects customers to the things they care about

Cox Communication is the third largest cable TV company in the U.S. and has always been working hard to offer their customers what they really want and need. Today the needs have changed, compared to ten years back.

As Len Barlik, EVP Chief Product Officer at Cox Communications says, "Cox's focus has been connecting customer with things that are most important in their lives and that's been our focus the past 50 years. Video in the past has been focused in the living room, a shared experience, and what've really found out over the past several years is that video has extended to be more of a personalized experience."

And because of that, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show Cox President Pat Esser together with Chairman and CEO John Chambers demonstrated a new mobile application that is being created to personalize the video experience to its customers. The new mobile application, developed by Cox engineers in partnership with Cisco, among other things, features 90 live TV channels and personalized video content recommendations. This means that Cox's customers are now able to watch 90 live TV channels from their tablet and if they want to, even to use the tablet as a remote control for Cox’s Advanced TV program guide. The personalized recommendations are available through enhanced Trio Program Guide, it enables personalized recommendations for up to eight users in a household and also gives them all a way to improve the recommendations by saying what they like and what they don't like.

Barlik said that "We make a point to ask our customers what they value. Our customers tell us they want easier access to the content that is most relevant to them. The investments we have made to deliver these new features puts our customers in command of the content that meets their uniquely personal interests."

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