MMA Animals, a truly new experience for kids

What might the names Dan, Staajabu, Chaiyo, Ruran, Katashi, George, Vitali and Thomas have in common? They all come from different regions of Earth, they all have different skills. But at the same time they are all also the characters of a new, or better yet, world's first kids brand for mixed martial arts. Developed by Appiphany Technologies, the new brand is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2013.

MMA Animals is an eight part interactive story series which will be offering the consumers an all-new mobile device gaming experience. But not just. The concept is unique, yet based around simple "choose your own adventure" type novels where the exact direction of your story is based on the user's game play, achieved goals as well as in-play questions and answers.

MMA Animals brand will be consisting of mobile games/applications, smart toys and augmented reality books. The mobile games can be played offline, but if you use the mobile app together with MMA Animal Action Figures that you will be able to order, you can actually change your virtual in-game character. And if you use a mobile app together with the MMA Animals paperback story book the pages will literally come to life.

MMA Animals will initially be available for Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone.

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